Tattooed asian nude female photographic art piece.

You can't know me, I'm over there

Photographic installation
Floating hand-cut C-type prints
Boxed-framed 1524mm X 605mm

A unique and natural beauty disrupted and fragmented by the equally singular and individualistic artist ink, offers up a personal self-determined boundary. A confident barrier that outwardly speaks of a yearning for isolation - to hide, to deflect, to protect; whilst also one that conversely calls out for a reveal - to be found, to be discovered, to be accepted. 

This personal tension to protect and to promote is familiar to most. Leave me be. See me. Below the surface perhaps a secret fear that we are unknowable; or indeed a greater one that maybe no one wants to know. 

In creating the installation piece You can’t know me, I’m over there,  I wanted to explore and address a few elements; both from within the image themselves, and from without regarding the nature of the photographic image. 

From within the images, I wanted to create a piece that offered a potential ‘barrier to view’. The size & scale of the piece refuses to be seen all in one go. However the barriers of narrative contained within the single image are concurrently removed through the very same size, scale and number of images. The Oriental art tradition of creating an image that unfolds itself to the inquisitive eye, one that has a slow reveal, seemed the most apt and fitting approach for both subject and presentation.

As with the subject and context, this piece is unique. Hand-cut floating tiles, housed within a ‘found’ and adapted wooden box-frame sets a canvas backdrop that simply can never be repeated. Although the processes at work draw upon a heritage of film and the cinematic, what was to be left is more rooted in the theatrical.  

You can’t know me, I’m over there is very physical three dimensional piece and yet it seems impossibly light. There is an intended sense of a flowing, irregular movement and a pattern that complements the reveal as the viewer explores her.

She is unique. She can never be replicated.