Tree Man sculpture found wood monumental installation

Tree Man

"From the ivy, I started to fashion a foot…albeit a very big foot"

During one hot summer the development to the south of our home meant that a very old, mid-nineteenth century party wall between us needed to be restored.

The wall was thick with established ivy that we loved. However we accepted that the restoration work needed to be done, and so with very heavy hearts my wife and I started the slow process of removing this incredible vegetation - ancient, gnarled and as strong as steel. As we prised it from brickwork, we marvelled at it's beauty and texture; it was our very own Ankor Wat and remarkably we loved it all the more.

It was clear that the ivy deserved better than to be simply composted or burnt; and without rhyme or reason I started to fashion a foot…albeit a very big foot.

And I found that I couldn't stop.