Moon Diamond

Moon Diamond

Moon Diamond Installation Piece See below

Moon Diamond

This is a story about a cat. A Siam cat.

In the pursuit of pleasure, she came across love; and everything that was once previously precious was naturally enough placed in the museum.

For you see, something must be in the museum. Without museums, we have no past; and to have no past would simply be too scary, even for a cat. For if we have no past, then we surely have no future? And future is all. So the Siam Cat knows instinctively to store past love, or indeed past pleasure within the safety and sanctity of the museum.

Naturally, with so many cats, and therefore so many futures, it follows that there are many pasts and as such, the museum collection keeps growing; accumulating all the love and pleasure that has ever been. Rarely are the pair housed in equal parts it must be said; and the museum curator would never dream of exhibiting both at the same time. What a discourteous and extraordinary thought.

However, there is one glorious day. The day that the exhibits are switched over. On that day, one can catch a glimpse of both at once in true harmony. Not simply in the glass cabinets or veiled in yesterday, but spread openly across the polished marbled floors revealed in unwrapped tissue.

Oh what a day this is; and if you had seen it too, you’d wish to be a cat. A Siam cat.