Marking Time Exhibition


Marking Time

WWI Centenary Exhibition – To commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War

Exhibition for one weekend only Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th November

Marking Time comprises a series of portraits of serving and ex-servicemen and women, combined with their memory of service life. The genesis of the project centres on six letters that the artist inherited by a Great Uncle killed at the Somme; and the work has taken several years to complete. The sitters’ memories span a period of over 90 years; with the most senior a WW1 veteran through to those who recently served in Afghanistan.

On one level, the body of work offers a rare and unique ‘snap shot’ of historical events; seen and recorded by the individuals that experienced them first hand.

However the work also addresses the process of grief and remembrance. The personal testimonies challenge the viewer’s possible preconceived notions of how we believe they should feel, or remember events at which we were not present.

“Society occasionally overlooks our service & ex-service personnel – they seem to exist in another place from our own. The Burma veteran, or young soldier recently returned from Afghanistan, is potentially seen as being from ‘over there’ – a place that is historically or geographically separate from our own.

However it is these same ordinary sons and daughters, living amongst us, who perform this most extraordinary act of service; and they have continued to do so down through the generations. We justifiably hold a solemn covenant with all these individuals, and Michael’s photographic portraits are a timely reminder that they are real and human.”

Dame Vera Lynn DBE

Ladies’ Lawn Gallery, The Jointure, 15 South Street, Ditchling BN6 8UQ Opening Times:

Sat 10th Nov 2018 10.00 – 17.30
Sun 11th Nov 2018 Midday – 17.00


Exhibition Archive


Solo Exhibition, Artist Open House

May 2018

Venue: Ladies Lawn Gallery, as part of the Brighton Festival

In ‘regeneration’, I was looking to explore new ways of image making and expression. Incorporating a mix of portraiture and landscape imagery, combined with sculptural installation pieces, I was trying to push and develop my personal work.

Thank you to everyone who visited the exhibition, engaged with the work and left such generous written comments. A handful are shown below.

“The Tree Man gave us a wonderful unexpected welcome, we immediately felt at ease in his company, his hovering presence was great. On studying him we found him to have a lovely kind face and expression. He looks so large and gentle, we love him.”

“I am quite overwhelmed with the exhibition – wonderful tree man and very beautiful photographs; some of them very touching, as are the histories behind the books. Many congratulations.”

“A truly inspiring, calm exhibition. The ‘Tree Man’ is just wonderful. I love your writing skills and they convey so much of the reader. Thank you so much.”

“Fascinating. Incredible photos and the tree man left me speechless.”

“Michael, your Tree Man is not only majestic, but his story brought tears to my eyes. The way you (and your wife) honoured nature is the sweetest thing. Thank you, you made my day.”

“Really enjoyed ‘Moon Diamond” – wonderful way with words.”

“Especially loved “Moon Diamond”! wonderful pal with words and visuals.”

“How wonderful! The past lives on in your treeman. Quite the most amazing thing I have ever seen.”


The Day After This Night
Love and Loss in the Orient

Solo Exhibition, Artist Open House May 2014

Venue: Ladies Lawn Gallery, as part of the Brighton Festival

Thank you to everyone who visited the exhibition, engaged with the images and left such generous written comments. A handful are shown below.

“An absolutely beautiful yet immensely sad exhibition. It is very rare that I am so emotionally affected by ‘art’ but the installation piece (Oriental Hearth) nearly brought me to tears. A very sad subject, but intensely intriguing – take the time to look properly – if you dare! Thank you for sharing this. Beautiful.”

“I loved your carefully chosen display – some images chilling, others moving. Thanks.”

“Amazing, disturbing, moving and thought provoking – thank you.”

“Stunning & deeply affecting – thank you!”

“Riveting and heartfelt.”

“Wonderful, evocative, powerful images.”

“A wonderful exhibition; stunning stuff – amazing observations.”

“Sensitive, thought provoking and uncomfortable.”

“The world needs to see your photographs.”

“An incredibly striking piece of work. Love your exhibition, thank you. It was emotional, thought provoking and beautiful. Really stunning photography.”
“Fascinating, thoughtful, stunning, powerful – a terrific body of work.”

“I loved your carefully chosen display – some images are chilling, others moving. Many thanks”

“Thank you. Every human emotion expressed. So glad I came.”

“Wow. I haven’t felt so emotional at an exhibition for years – God don’t human beings go through such extraordinary experiences. Such powerful work”

“An extraordinary exhibition and quite the most moving and profound that I have seen over many years. Congratulations.”

“Moving and brilliant. Thank you.”

“I have enjoyed and felt inspired by your work. The individuality is wonderful.”

“Very emotional and thought provoking.”

“Stunning. These need a wider audience. Painful, brilliant and they work on every level.”

Thank you so much. I am now starting work on my next project, and will update the site as the work evolves.

Scenes from the exhibition on FaceBook

The Menier Gallery, 
Group Exhibition, December 2011

HOST Gallery, London
Group Exhibition, November 2011

HISTORIA, Brighton
Group Exhibition, September 2010

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