The fire that came from the sea – Gallery #02

The fire that came from the sea – Gallery #02

A journey through the tsunami hit region of Japan March 2013. The images shown were part of a larger photographic project concerning Love & Loss (The Day After This Night : Love and Loss in the Orient - Further information, including exhibition review and book link under the gallery below)

Kitakaki School

We take a road inland following the river line. At Kitakaki sits an infant school. It was gutted by the tsunami.

On hearing that the wave was approaching, the teachers gathered the little ones and took them to the third floor classrooms for safety. Then the wave came round the river bend – now so tall and powerful it dwarfs the school in height, and rips through this concrete structure as if it was made of paper. 74 of the 108 children, and 10 of 11 teachers are swept to their death.

I walk around the building on my own.

Lessons are on the boards, an incidental small chair, a toy, an entrance hall with a giant ‘mobile’ of all the planets suspended from the ceiling – now stripped of all but a few ‘globes’ that have survived. They hang in a silent restructured universe of their own.

It is almost more than I can cope with. I am quite speechless as I return
to the car.

I don’t speak with Everett for a while. It is understood.


The images shown were part of a larger, three year photographic project:

The Day After This Night: Love and Loss in the Orient

Further information:

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