Elements of the city.  The images shown were part of a larger photographic project concerning Love & Loss (The Day After This Night : Love and Loss in the Orient - Further information, including exhibition review and book link, appears under the gallery below)


It’s very early and I’m sitting on the 26th floor. A breakfast bar, staring out across the city. Suddenly, and very menacingly, black crows have found something of interest on about four floors below. They suddenly swoop up past me, rising on the air current; they turn and dive back down.

I realise that I am the only foreigner here. This must be an ‘authentic’ place used by locals. Although we are still on the 26th floor; therefore how real can this be.

Down on the street, by day the people pay their respects at the temple; praying for good fortune. Elsewhere there is industry, food, traffic, constant endeavour and presumably where love triumphs, is sought, can sometimes be granted unconditionally, at other times longed for, squandered or mourned.


The images shown were part of a larger, three year photographic project:

The Day After This Night: Love and Loss in the Orient

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